Mmm, tasty.

It looks like I’ve graduated from all-nausea-all-the-time to a new, more sudden onset of nausea.  For instance, I have some of my appetite back.  How exciting.  While I still prefer water generously doused with lemon juice over any other beverage, actual foods (not lemon-flavored) sound like I might want to eat them.  Pizza.  Tacos.  Ok, I didn’t say those foods were good for me – it’s progress nonetheless.  Though, I have been wanting salad, which counts on some level, but then stops counting when I dump ranch dressing all over it.  So here’s where the funtimes groove-busting nausea comes in.  Imagine:  you’re hungry for the first time in weeks, and you’re happily eating mouthfuls of PizzaTacosSalad, and then about two-thirds the way through your plate woahwoahwaitaminute  stops you in your tracks, perhaps even with a mouthful of PizzaTacosSalad when you think, “Oh My God, I’m going to throw up”  Now, of course, I have resisted the actual throwing up, but it’s challenging to get that particular over-the-top bite swallowed.  This is when I put my CrustShellFork down and take a hesitant sip of water, willing the queasiness away.  This is also when my wife looks at me and says, “Are you OK?”

The other unpleasant nausea comes when I’m sitting anywhere at anytime and then have an overwhelming urge to projectile vomit.  Again, hasn’t happened, but holy shit does it scare me away from wanting to sit in meetings for any length of time.


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