After a visit to my primary care doctor yesterday afternoon, it is confirmed to be the flu.  Who knows if it’s THE flu, but A flu nonetheless.  Sunday brought chills and a fever, so the decision to see a doctor was made quickly.  After the appointment, we were off to the pharmacy, complete with me wearing my medical face mask – nothing says, I care more about the health of you strangers than I do my appearance of being a plague-carrier.  Day two of Tamiflu, and I’m not sure who to blame for my almost constant intake of saltines and hesitant sipping of lemon water, the meds or the morning sickness, but they are bringing my nausea to a whole new enlightening level.

So today is day two of home sick from work, of which I have a whole week, if needed, says the good doctor.  It’s moved from strictly stuffy head and fever, to stuffy head and cough – no fever, no chills, thank goodness.  The only information we can find about Tamiflu and pregnant folks talks to us about the effects of the drugs on bunny and rabbit babies – unless the cryobank seriously screwed up, I think it’s not entirely applicable.  We’re hoping that the benefit of the drugs outweighs the risks of the flu turning into something more lethal – that’s the general consensus.  In the meantime, I’m going to have to refresh my daytime TV lineup knowledge.


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  1. Yuck. Sorry to hear it’s actual-sick-sick. Hope you feel better soon!

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