Have you ever felt yourself get sick over night?  Well, let me clarify.  With all of the morning sickness talk lately, by sick I mean NyQuil, coughing, aching, stuffing head, etc. sick.  Last night I went to bed (with some encouragement from my not-sleepy-at-all wife) around 8:30pm.  Over the course of the night, I felt my whole body give in to what is, hopefully, just a head cold.  As much as doctors and nurses ensure me that no, ma’am, people do not get sick from the flu shot, this is flu shot numero two (a la swine) that has left me clutching to my Puffs Plus.  Flu shot numero one was gracious enough to start up literally on the drive down to the beach for a long weekend.  This one comes just in time for the weather to finally warm up and get sunny.  Thanks flu shots!

Today, I have been a miserable chorus of snuffling, sneezing, moaning, coughing, accompanied by leaving a breadcrumb-like trail of wet tissues.  I’ve neti-potted, saline-sprayed, and took a 2pm-4pm nap in a sunbeam with a specialized warming and healing cat.  The Swine (dun dun dunnn) has been making its rounds in town, and I’m within at least two degrees of separation from several proclaimed swine flu havers.  I also work at a university, and take a student-filled petri-dish shuttle from my parking garage  to work every day.  I was delighted to be inoculated last week at the OBGYN’s office, though understand it takes a week or two to really work its magic.  On the bright side, every swine flu haver I know is flattened by aches and a fever within a few hours of feeling ill.  I’m working on almost 24 hours now, and my biggest complaint involves post-nasal drip and a fear that I’m not enjoying my wife’s homemade carrot cupcakes as much as I could be.

At least the dog has outgrown his puppy habit of punching people in the stomach when they blow their nose.  Thanks, dog!


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  1. To be fair… it might not be the flu. Sad to say that, actually, all of that can just be a symptom of being pregnant. Heh. “Rhinitis of Pregnancy.” Google it. I’ve had it since the start. On top of my allergies being WAY worse than usual. Zyrtec every night, and I’m still resorting to breathe-right strips overnight, neti potting, and cough drops for the eternal sore throat from the post-nasal drip… ugh.

  2. Well that’s the best news I’ve heard all day. 😉 Here’s hoping my potential eternal throat-clearing noises don’t scare off my wife until June.

  3. Any chance it could just be a cold? My friends who have had swine flu have been describing much worse. I’ve lucked out enough to get two colds so far this fall instead of the usual one, so they seem to be making the rounds. And I figure, at least if it’s a cold it should go away in a few days, unlike N’s Rhinitis of Pregnancy which sounds absolutely awful. Check with someone (does your local hospital have a 24/7 nurse hotline?) but I think standard doses of Tylenol are harmless, and since fevers aren’t always harmless it’s nice to have something on hand to bring the fever down if you need it. Take care and feel better soon!

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