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We have an appointment tomorrow with an OB Nurse Educator, who will (I’m guessing) take some blood to check on my levels (iron, etc.), go over my overall health, as well as have a conversation about what to expect while we’re expecting, among many other things I’m sure.  Rumor has it, it’ll take about an hour.  She’ll (that’s sexist, she could be a he – but we’ll say she for now) probably ask me about what vitamins I’ve been taking, in which I will most likely shamefully admit that I’m taking gummy vitamins.  Here’s hoping she doesn’t l.o.l.

You see, I’m the world’s worst vitamin taker.  For someone who can mentally will away vomiting of any kind (food poisoning, flu, morning sickness, you name it), I’m unable to stomach any normal kind of multivitamin.  I’ve tried taking one on a full stomach, empty stomach, with breakfast, lunch, dinner, in the middle of a meal, while doing a handstand, this brand, THAT brand, and every single time, it completely floors me, resulting in my bending over in stomach cramps and nauseous whimpering.  OK, maybe not while doing a handstand, but you get the point.

When I saw my Gynecologist back in the Spring, I mentioned to her our potential trying to conceive over the Summer/Fall, and she recommended to get started on a multivitamin with folic acid ASAP.  We Googled relentlessly looking for sensitive-stomach vitamin solutions, and one alternative came in the form of One A Day VitaCraves.  One full day’s worth of vitamins = two berry-flavored (and shaped) gummies.  I take one gummy in the morning with breakfast, and one gummy in the evening with dinner, and thankfully, this has worked like a charm so far.  I have an underlying fear that my gummies will be demoted and deemed inappropriate or ineffective, and I will then be sentenced to months of huge, intolerable prenatal vitamins.  I witness my excessive nail growth and vibrant yellow pee, so I can only assume they are doing their job.  Oh dear gummies – please be doing your job.  I should be able to manage a supplement, if need be (cough, iron, cough), though anything that would add anymore quease to my 9am-pickle-eating nausea might cause me to never eat again.

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  1. FWIW, I know tons of people who take gummy vitamins because they can’t handle prenatals. They might advise you to take extra folic acid along with it (be sure to check and container and find out how much is in there), but if they continually scoff at it, or try to push you into doing something you know you can’t, then screw them. Vitamins in whatever form you can handle them are better than none at all.

  2. Thankfully, I was not mocked for the gummies – phew! She did recommend some more folic acid and some DHA supplements, as suspected, so I think as long as I can tolerate those, everything just might be OK.

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