Heave ho

My mother says, “the only thing that would cure my morning sickness was drinking half of a beer.”

As much as that actually sounds strangely appealing, I think I’ll resist, all while resenting how short I am.  Though, interestingly enough, one of the hundreds of pregnancy books we have laying around the house told me to avoid alcohol, smoking cigarettes, and duh, cocaine; it reluctantly informed me, however, that there were no ill effects of smoking pot while pregnant.  Seriously?  Even if it’s true, don’t put that shit in writing, people.

Needless to say, I have morning sickness on the brain.  This morning was especially rough, with the mere thought of eating a saltine or a piece of toast tipping me over into heave-land.  Some ginger water (magic water infused with ginger that the wife made me) and a bowl of plain oatmeal (which LOOKS like vomit) sprinkled with sugar later, I had managed to settle things down.  My body only wants bland and texture-less or tart items – sorry about that, everything else I could eat.

Today I am armed with a variety of snacks, including but not limited to, cheese and crackers, two min dill pickles, an apple with peanut butter, some sugar free chocolate pudding, and a diet ginger ale.  We’ll see if I can make it through the day in one non-vomiting piece.


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