Ah morning sickness.  The cracker-eating-in-the-bed queasiness has subsided a bit over the last couple of days, and been replaced by a more aggressive, delayed queasiness triggered by my newly heightened sense of smell.  Now, let’s all take a moment to recognize that my wife would tell you I had NO sense of smell, until now, and that wasn’t entirely untrue.  I’m a terrible “is this milk bad?” sniffer, as well as recognizing when the dog needs a bath and when the litter box needs scooping.  I’ve been living a pretty blissful smell-less life, with the exception of smells I like… like fresh coffee beans, and bacon.

Speaking of coffee beans, those, along with people’s breath (not bad breath, just any kind of breath), are two smells that I can barely stomach nowadays.  I still like the smell of coffee itself, but cracking open the beans makes me heave just a little.  Thankfully, my wife has taken on the duties of the morning coffee-making.  As an aside, no one needs to worry, I’m simply indulging in an approved modest cup every morning.  The breath is just weird – I’ve been keeping a tin of Altoids on my desk for when people come into my office.  They are more for me than for them, as if I can pitch one in my mouth before they start talking too much, it distracts my nose.  These are not even close-talkers – they can be five feet away, it doesn’t matter, I can still smell it.

Besides the smells, my appetite it also suffering, as my beloved frozen waffle breakfast this morning was cut short by my inability to choke down the last few bites.  And believe me, I love a frozen waffle breakfast.  The butter and syrup oozing and filling the tiny square holes…. mmm.   Just another sign of the times.  I wonder what will be next.


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