How in the world are women supposed to actually work during these first few exhausting weeks/months?  Not only am I physically tired, but I’m distracted and quite possibly useless at work.  I’m doing my best to keep on top of emails, voicemails, phones ringing, folks stopping by knocking on my door, coordinating schedules, chit-chatting with co-workers – all the normal workings of any given day at the nine-to-five.  Now someone wants some numbers crunched by Friday, someone else has thrown a wrench into something I was working on, and I all I can think about is how my internal organs feel like they’re throbbing…. thump-thump, thump-thump…. and how I’d just like to be home.  But how I can’t call in… umm tired, distracted, and throbbing… for the next seven months.  I imagine that one symptom will be replaced by another, so I will need to learn to roll with the punches a little better.  In the meantime, it doesn’t make me feel any more like a paperweight here at work.  A tired, distracted, throbbing paperweight.


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  1. If you can sneak a nap at lunch, do. And whatever you CAN get done at work, do, because I’d love to say the uselessness goes away, but mine has only gotten worse, heh.

  2. For what it’s worth, most people find that things improve around the end of the first trimester, until about month seven. And then, some people don’t. But you can hope! Sleep when you get the chance, even if you feel ridiculous going to bed so early. It might help, and it’s harmless to try.

  3. I was sooooo tired during the first three months. I could barely get anything done. I’d get up, drive to work, and then sleep in the parking lot for an hour. I’d take a nap in my truck at lunch and in the afternoon. And then when I got home, I’d try to eat something (but it was hard cause I felt so sick all the time) and then I’d go straight to sleep. Those were the days! It really did feel better after those first three months or so were over.

    • It really is ridiculous, the tiredness. What’s worse is that, whereas it’s let up significantly, the kid is definitely having growth spurt days here in the second trimester, in which I tap into the exhaustiveness (and the nausea) of the first trimester. I’m so glad the majority of those days are behind me, though.

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