Oh, that’s right.

Some thoughts I’ve been having over this past week since we found out I was pregnant:

“Wow.. my stomach kind of hurts.  And I’m kind of pukey.  Huh.  I wonder if the milk I used in my cereal was bad this morning?  Oh, that’s right – I’m pregnant.”

“Man, I’m exhausted.  I can barely keep my eyes open.  Can’t.stop.yawning.  It’s not like I didn’t get nine hours of sleep last night.  Oh, that’s right – I’m pregnant.”

“For pete’s sake – my back hurts!  Did I sleep on it wrong?  And holy shit, ow my breasts!  Oh, that’s right – I’m pregnant.”

“What is that sensation I’m having that feels like an alien is growing inside of me?  Oh, that’s right – I’m pregnant.”

It’s not like I’ve forgotten necessarily.  I’m just pretty used to having no symptoms of anything ever, really.  I don’t often get headaches or backaches… sometimes cramps during that time of the month… sometimes flu-like symptoms caused by, well.. the flu.  I tend to go through my days pretty well-rested (though I do have the 3pm post-lunch exhaustion crash at work), relatively ache, pain, and discomfort-free.  So I’m initially pretty startled that I can feel my body acting and reacting to the current state of affairs.  I’m certain it will become more frequent and more ache/pain/discomfort-ful, so I suppose eventually I’ll stop immediately wondering why my body is doing some weird things.  Cause… well, duh.


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  1. In a way, you’re kind of lucky that you have those symptoms, as long as they don’t turn into full-blown morning sickness. It probably helps it feel more real, and might even help you adjust to motherhood. If I didn’t have regular periods, and a lack of bleeding to prompt me to test, I wouldn’t have any inkling that I’m pregnant. I like to think I’m pretty well in tune with my body – there just isn’t anything to notice. So enjoy the little reminders of the exciting turn of events. Hopefully they won’t grow into anything too unpleasant.

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