Let’s Get Physical… physical

For the entire time we were waiting between the IUI and the time we could take a pregnancy test, every potential physical symptom went under the microscope.  Now that the pregnancy is confirmed, it’s still hard to fully change the mindset between – “Ooh!  My breasts are sore!  Could that be a SIGN?” – and – “Ooh! My breasts are sore! HOLY SHIT! That’s right! I’m pregnant!”

I’ll admit… there’s been a lot of “HOLY SHIT!”  If not external, definitely internal.

So let’s catalog my current symptoms (are they symptoms if you know what’s causing it?):

  • sore breasts: really more sore nipples?  REALLY more sore right breast nipple
  • larger right breast: she’s always been larger, but this is ridiculous
  • constant low grade queasiness: not enough to make me stop eating, but enough to make me notice
  • internal pangs? twinges?: I don’t know how people don’t know they’re pregnant.  It already feels like an alien is growing inside of me – occasionally being able to feel my uterus.  Comforting AND disturbing.
  • HOTFACE: this is what we’ve been referring to my flush cheeks.  This only happens during the daytime hours, so anytime between 10am-4pm, my face feels hot (though is cool to the touch) and reddish.  It this “the glow”?  I feel like it’s more HOTFACE than glow.
  • insomnia?: every night, sometime between 3am-5am, I’m wide awake.  Usually a hard through-the-night sleeper, this is a new and incredibly unhelpful symptom.
  • smelly pee: ooh TMI?  Nahh.  Enough said.  Smelly.Pee.  I hope this doesn’t happen for the entire term, cause it’s gross, y’all.
  • heightened sense of smell: usually, I can’t smell for squat.  Rotting lettuce in the fridge?  Nope.  Ripe cat boxes? Nah.  Now, the nice linen-smelling plug-in the other room is prompting me to get up in the night and unplug it.

OK – there are probably more, but that’s all I have right now.  I’m dreading morning sickness, but understand it is the nature of the beast.  I’m hoping to be that minimal percentage of folks who don’t have morning sickness, but I doubt I’ll be that lucky.  Other than that, everything else seems livable… for now.


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  1. I can’t believe you said term. We have an actual term. Wow.

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